Jira how to search for comments from one user
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In Jira how to search for comments from one user

In Jira search for comments I've made

If you work in Jira, you probably would agree that Jira is the dumb, Smart person in the room. It does things well, some it does bad; however I would say that Jira is probably the best agile software out there nonetheless.

Currently undertaking an extremely large project (in which I'm getting up to 100 bugs reported), I needed a query to look at all my comments I had made and sort those comments by the most recently.

What follows is the search query to look at all of my comments (all comments made by one user) and order them by most recent.

You can put this query into the search area (Where is the Jira advanced search area? in the header click issues > then "Search for issues")
You can put this query into the filters section (sometimes it's easy to pull up all the recent issues reported by you - a default option under issues > "Reported by Me")

The query:

issueFunction in commented("by username") ORDER BY createdDate DESC

username = the real individual's username (not display name). e.g. NOT "John Doe" (display name), but JDOE1 (the actual username)

I pieced this together by multiple sources and my own ingenuity.


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