<Windows Key> + Arrow key = love
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Aero Snap keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7/8 using Windows Key + an arrow key 

I'm always late to the party with new, cool windows features. And I thought I was one of the cool kids when I learned you could hold on to a window in WIN7 and shake it with the mouse to minimize all the other windows.

I also knew about dragging a window to the left or right edge of the screen and it will snap to half that side of the screen.

However, I've always used 2 monitors. And you cannot snap a window to the inner edge of either monitor on the screen. Example, on the left monitor, I cannot drag a window to the right edge and have it snap there... 

BUT a few days ago I discovered the Aero Snap specific shortcuts for windows and you CAN achieve this missing functionality I describe with 2 (or more) monitors using those keyboard shortcuts (and having Aero enabled of course)

Hold down the WINDOWS KEY then hit one of the other arrow keys:

<WINDOWS KEY> + <LEFT ARROW> = Snap the active window to the left side of the current monitor

<WINDOWS KEY> + <RIGHT ARROW> = Snap the active window to the right side of the current monitor

<WINDOWS KEY> + <UP ARROW> = Maximize the active window on the current monitor

<WINDOWS KEY> + <DOWN ARROW> = Restore the active window that is(maximized). Minimize the active window. Both on the current monitor.

I'm not sure what I've done without the right or left keyboard shortcuts, but I use them nonstop now... 



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