What is Waterfox? Firefox's not so different cousin
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What is Waterfox? Get Waterfox Here

What is WaterfoxThought I'd share a tool I've been using for a while now. 

When I develop, I use Firefox. It's vast extensions library aids in developing anything a Firefox browser can open.

Now there is Waterfox - Get Waterfox Here

I'm posting about it because I've used it for a while now and can say for certain that it feels faster than chrome (I use chrome primarily), and definitely faster than Firefox.

Waterfox is the 64bit variation of Firefox. When you start to use Waterfox, all your extension carry over (although there is something about jumplists in the About page )

I heard there's another "FOX" coming out after waterfox also, not sure if it is a firefox replacement or not, but will post once I figure it out.


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