How to find your Facebook ID (developer)
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How to find my (your) Facebook ID (developer)

I know I specify "developer" in the title, but anyone can find their facebook id through this method.

Sometimes an app or website will ask for your ID, but it's not prevelant in the account settings area. Here is how you find it.

First - Log into facebook

Then - go here:

Note: It may be a blank page for you (this means you've never let facebook's api explorer application get information about you.) If this is the case, Click "Get Access Token". Don't check any boxes, click the "Get Access Token" button again on this pop-up.

How to find my facebook ID

Everywhere you see 1234567 - that is your facebook ID.

Simple right.


PS - You can remove access to this facebook app by going into your account settings - app settings.
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