Firefox zooms in on websites - zoom set @ 100%
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How to disable Firefox zoom in on webpages

Firefox is zoomed in even though zoom is @ 100%

Windows 8 Firefox zoom is broken

There are a million different search terms I used to try to find a fix for this... needless to say I didn't find one.

So I dug through the firefox config and found it.

  1. type in about:config in your address bar in firefox and hit enter (you'll get a window that warns you about changing the config... hit the button ".. I'll be careful" to continue)
  2. in the search bar type in "pix" and hit enter
  3. about 4 or 5 listings down you'll see an entry called "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" double click the row and replace the value (probably -1) with a positive 1

That's it

Gosh I hope I got enough search phrases for this... took me forever to figure out. I hate what windows 8 (and firefox now??? ) are doing with the dpi scaling... solving a problem that never existed. 

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