Mars Rover Million Dollar duct tape application »

The hero duct tape application on the Mars Rover

NASA's million dollar duct tape applicationScientist 1: "Hey Jim, I need something that will cover up and protect this $500,000 dollar coffee can on top of this post that is part of the Rover."

Scientist 2 (Jim): "What's it for"

Scientist 1: "Collecting stuff. It needs to be able to brave space and deal with the harsh conditions on mars... Have any ideas?"

Scientist 2: "I saw the janitor with some duct tape... "

Scientist 1: "Brilliant!"

I saw this while looking at the "4-Billion-Pixel Panorama From Curiosity Rover Brings Mars to Your Computer Screen"


What is Waterfox? Firefox's not so different cousin »

What is Waterfox? Get Waterfox Here

What is WaterfoxThought I'd share a tool I've been using for a while now. 

When I develop, I use Firefox. It's vast extensions library aids in developing anything a Firefox browser can open.

Now there is Waterfox - Get Waterfox Here

I'm posting about it because I've used it for a while now and can say for certain that it feels faster than chrome (I use chrome primarily), and definitely faster than Firefox.

Waterfox is the 64bit variation of Firefox. When you start to use Waterfox, all your extension carry over (although there is something about jumplists in the About page )

I heard there's another "FOX" coming out after waterfox also, not sure if it is a firefox replacement or not, but will post once I figure it out.


Tron 3? Nah, Tron bike gear »

Tron 3 is coming, until then, buy some of this rad Tron gear I found. Video - get your kids coding PHP »
This is an awesome video, not sure about the website.

I went to the website, not sure what it's for exactly, but the video rocks!


<Windows Key> + Arrow key = love »

Aero Snap keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7/8 using Windows Key + an arrow key 

I'm always late to the party with new, cool windows features. And I thought I was one of the cool kids when I learned you could hold on to a window in WIN7 and shake it with the mouse to minimize all the other windows.

I also knew about dragging a window to the left or right edge of the screen and it will snap to half that side of the screen.

However, I've always used 2 monitors. And you cannot snap a window to the inner edge of either monitor on the screen. Example, on the left monitor, I cannot drag a window to the right edge and have it snap there... 

BUT a few days ago I discovered the Aero Snap specific shortcuts for windows and you CAN achieve this missing functionality I describe with 2 (or more) monitors using those keyboard shortcuts (and having Aero enabled of course)

Hold down the WINDOWS KEY then hit one of the other arrow keys:

<WINDOWS KEY> + <LEFT ARROW> = Snap the active window to the left side of the current monitor

<WINDOWS KEY> + <RIGHT ARROW> = Snap the active window to the right side of the current monitor

<WINDOWS KEY> + <UP ARROW> = Maximize the active window on the current monitor

<WINDOWS KEY> + <DOWN ARROW> = Restore the active window that is(maximized). Minimize the active window. Both on the current monitor.

I'm not sure what I've done without the right or left keyboard shortcuts, but I use them nonstop now... 



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